Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Read a Book! See a Movie!

Let the Right One In.  We've got the original book, the aforementioned Let the Right One In;  the Swedish movie version, Let the Right One In; and the American movie version, Let Me In.   So the whole Letting In genre is covered.  In a modern Swedish town 12-year-old Oskar meets a mysterious girl in his apartment complex's courtyard.  Eli is pretty, intelligent, only comes out at night and dresses oddly.  In below-freezing weather she wears a light shirt, no jacket. No shoes. Hmmmm.  Terrible things happen in town, and not just to poor Oskar who is viciously bullied in school.  People start dying and disappearing.  Hmmmm.   First I saw the Swedish movie which was gloomy (surprise!) elegant, beautifully acted and just a little vague.  Next I read the book which is gloomy, very well-written and focused.  Now I have to see the American version of the movie in order to complete my trifecta.  I highly recommend these works.  Yours truly is sick and tired of (Spoiler alert!  Like you didn't already know.) vampire books but these have a very fresh take.  Fresh and chilly.

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