Thursday, May 12, 2011

National Women's Health Week 2011

Time to think about health, women!  Like we don't every day.  If nothing's aching or sneezing there are soo many helpful newspaper and magazine articles and pharmaceutical ads to remind us that we can break at any time.  So Health Week is just a good opportunity to take inventory of the basics - keeping tests and shots up to date, getting those moles looked at.  No panic needed.  Here's how the Spencer Hospital in Webb, Iowa is observing the week:
A Scavenger hunt!  Are these people inventive or what?  Both the employees and the general public get to play.  They go from department to department to take a gander at what's shaking in Women's Health - Bone Density, Sleep Center, and Agrisafe Departments for example.  Yeah, I know.  Agrisafe?  It has to do with skin care and safety supplies.  Not sure if farming is involved in any way.  Participants get a signature in each department they visit and their names are put in for a prize drawing.  It would be way more fun if they got to look for hidden stuff, but it is a hospital.  No touching.

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