Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women's History Month - Lynn Hall

Lynn Hall. Want to know how controversial her work is?  In 1972 she published Sticks and Stones, a Young-Adult book whose characters include a well-rounded, likable young gay man.  No less an author than Judy Blume, who has seen her own share of controversy, stated that in this book Hall "handled a difficult subject with intelligence and understanding." This was in the New York Times Book Review.  The Big Time. Sticks and Stones was also a Best Young Adult Book selected by the American Library Association in 1972.  Lynn Hall currently lives in the northeast Iowa countryside with lots of pets. Just check out her children's books, she looooves the pets. Oh, and she has been on the Garnavillo Library Board.  Libraries rule.

Source: 2010 Contemporary Authors Online accessed via Biography in Context

Lynn Hall Books   Once again, many can't be checked but can be read in the Central Library.

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