Friday, March 18, 2011

Painless Paper Cuts

I love to cut stuff out.  Who doesn't like the sound and feel of the blades crisping through the paper, ok it's just me.  If you want to craft with paper though you need patience and you have to pay attention.  Especially since the craft isn't limited to two dimensions anymore.  You know the 3-D 'craze' those wacky movieland folks are into these days?  The book pictured combines 3-D with trendy trendy cupcakes!  You will be the au courant-est crafter in your neighborhood when you've finished these projects.  Just be sure to have real cupcakes on hand when you have people over.  Or they'll be munching on paper.  Bleah.
Guess what!  The subject heading for these books is Cut-out craft.  Is that not adorable?

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