Thursday, March 3, 2011

Need a Good Book?

Don't we all.  If you haven't checked out the DMPL'S READERS PAGE, now is a good time.  Remember, winter's not done with us yet.  To find this treasure go to our home page and in the lower left click on "Need  a Good Book?  You're in!  We're all adults here, let's click on Adults.  Want to know what library employees are reading?  Lots of different stuff, let me tell you.  Better yet, let the website tell you. Click on The Bookshelf.  Oooh, Des Moines's own Peter Bognanni's House of Tomorrow is listed, don't forget to read that one. Look, someone's slogging through The Federalist Papers!  Taking the hit for the rest of us, bless their heart.  American rose : a nation laid bare : the life and times of Gypsy Rose Lee looks good, I might have to reserve that one.  If you're reading this a few days from now, there may be all new books recommended! It's the mashed potato! (Egregious 1960's music reference.)
Tomorrow we'll talk about the mysterious "What's Next" link!

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