Monday, March 14, 2011

Craft Month - Have You Felt It?

Felting.  I didn't even know this was a craft until a few years ago when a friend made a felted purse.  Fuzzzzy.  Here's how it works.  You knit your wool into the object of your desire, using extra big needles because the whole thing's gonna shrink.  Then, in the most over-simplified explanation ever, you throw it in the washer and essentially shrink it in hot water. That's the most common method. Or, you can take a long strip (called 'roving') of wool that's been carded but not yet spun into yarn and felt it by hand or by using a sander.  I am so not crafty enough for that. The above narrative consists of descriptions only. Do not try this at home without waaay better information.  Which you can find in the books below! Then go nuts with felted wool purses, jewelry, stuffed animals, tea cozies, hairpieces, etcetera. 

Felting Books

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