Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dexter - yum?

I just finished the new Dexter book, “Dexter is Delicious”.  I love the premise but I’d given up on the series because I was so tired of his sister Deborah being a one-note annoyed/angry person. But the blurb for the new one said something about cannibals. Well.  Much better than the last book!  This installment is fun and it actually surprised me a few times. I like that in a mystery. They weren’t lying about the cannibals and it looks like there is hope for development of Deborah’s character.  Maybe next he’ll tackle Dexter’s wife Rita, who appears to be some kind of chicken.  The kind of chicken that flounders around and can’t finish her sentences.  Aside from that, I still have both my thumbs and they're up!

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