Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Was That Guy?

Did you watch the Grammy show Sunday?  The performances were sizzlin'!   Who knew Cee Lo Green would literally take up Elton John's mantle?  For those of you wondering about the old dude who shuffled onstage, croaked out some unintelligible phrases and then played the harmonica a bit, it was Bob Dylan! Dylan was once so influential that the music scene went nuts when he switched from acoustic to electric guitar.  Nuts. Could you believe Mick Jagger!  The energy! The man jerked around the stage just like he did 40 years ago.  Quite the contrast between the two legends.  And not unlike Dylan, Jagger never really sang, well, melodiously.  So the change in vocal quality from their earlier performances wasn't unbearable. Quite the night.  We have many CD's of these two gentlemen's work.  Help yourself.
Bob Dylan
Jagger/Rolling Stones


Anonymous said...

i thought the same thing when the curtain came up - Cee Lo is doing Elton John performing "crocidile rock" on the Muppets!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing show, great post

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jeff Beck for winning three Grammy Awards.