Monday, February 7, 2011

Dawning of the Age of Confusion

Did your astrological sign change?  Yeah, whose didn't, those were pretty significant shifts. And there's a new one - Ophiuchus!   So exciting!  I even know how to pronounce it because years ago I read the Ophiuchi Hotline by John Varley.  Great concept - suppose aliens didn't think humans were the smartest/best/coolest species on the planet?  Maybe because we believe in astrology.  Oh, it's pronounced o-FEE-oo-kus.  So I always thought my sign fit me pretty well.  I'm ready to look up the new one, let's see what the traits of a ... not even close.  Below find a link to a TIME site that will tell you if you have a new sign, then you can use our books to discover what it all means.  And when nothing matches up, ask yourself:  has the cosmos gone mad?????
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