Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mayhem You May have Missed

These are thrillers from the silver screen that weren't your huge hits.  No blocks were busted.  No boffo to be had.  But they are very good. 

Frailty    Bill Paxton.  A father took his sons out demon-hunting.  But were the targets demons or just plain folks?  The effect on the brothers is devastating.

The forgotten    Julian Moore.  How could everyone forget she had a child?  But all evidence of her son is gone!  Imagination?  Or something more sinister...

The reckoning   Willem Dafoe and Paul Bettany. Ooooooh.  This is the coolest movie ever. In Medieval England a troupe of actors, including a runaway priest, pull a Hamlet before there was a Hamlet.  They solve a local murder and put on a play depicting the act.  Not exactly Judy and Mickey in a barn.  I should re-watch this.

Enjoy these strange, intense B-list movies! 

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Kristen said...

What about "Frequency," the 2000 movie starring Dennis Quaid and a pre-"Passion" Jim Caviezel? The movie centers around Caviezel's character connecting with his father (Quaid) through time (and a ham radio), working to right a wrong done to his family during his childhood. It's intense, a bit freaky, and definitely flew under the radar...the only reason I even know about it was because it was the featured midnight movie on an overnight flight from the US to Europe...check it out, it's worth it!