Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Collectors and Collecting - Are You a Fan?

What do you collect?  Besides dust, I mean.  Har! Oh, the comedy.  Isn't it great when people you know collect things?  You never have to worry about what presents to get for them!  My mother was having nothing of it.   At one point she liked a particular style of gnome figurine but when she got three the edict was issued.  No more gnomes!  Stop it!   So I get a kick out of people who can't get enough snow globes, thimbles from foreign countries, novelty spoons. I leave you with a tale of a collection that caused considerable confusion.  A friend collected fans.  Cool, you say!  (Ha! Ha!)  One could buy her paper, lace,  folding fans, fans made for weddings that have the bride and groom's faces on it... except that she collected old electric fans.  They're ugly and they don't work.  Doesn't keep them from being collectible!
More scintillating objet d'art/tchocke posts to come.

Guide for a beginner's collection : Coin Collecting for Dummies

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