Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reba Whittle Tobiason Was the Only One

Reba Whittle Tobiason, a flight nurse, was the only military person of female persuasion to be held as a POW by the Germans in WWII after her evacuation flight was shot down in 1944. The imprisonment apparently flummoxed the U. S. government, as it did not acknowledge her status as a POW.  You'd think it would have been fairly straightforward since everyone agreed she had been held captive.  Whittle Tobiason was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart in 1945 soooo.... it's not like no one knew she existed. They even had an inkling of her heroism Finally in 1992 she was  recognized as a POW.  Unfortunately 2nd Lt. Reba WhittleTobiason died in January 1981.  Here's to you, Reba Whittle Tobiason.  You spent 4 months in Stalag Luft 9 and even managed to administer to the sick and wounded while detained.  And in 1992 you took your rightful place in history.
Des Moines Tribune 1/30/1981 p. 15

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KingBushwicktheToityToid said...

Her counterparts in the Pacific
were treated as POW's by the government after the war.

Too bad.She was truly a brave woman.