Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iowa State Fair Iowa - Championship Auctioneers Contest

First, all six library locations will close Thursday, August 19 - Sunday, August 22 for a computer upgrade. Employees will take two of these days as (unpaid) furlough in conjunction with the city's budget reductions for FY 2010-2011. OK then.
I haven't been to many auctions, but each time I go the auctioneer is amazing.  I'm not talking Sotheby's here, so the people I've seen have been a little loosy-goosy and they have a patter as well, keeping things lively.  Not to mention egging folks on to bid against each other.  And the 'bid calling'.  It's not just the speed it's the clarity.  Auctioneers talk a gazillion words per minute yet you can understand everything they say. Half the time I can't understand what I'm saying.  At the State Fair event, "Contestants will bring three items of their choice. State Association will retain 25 percent commission to help defray expenses". Sounds like this is a real auction with money. The stakes are high!  To win you have to hit these marks: "contestants will be judged on speed, bid calling ability, salesmanship and appearance."  Lookin' good.  It matters everywhere.

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