Monday, August 16, 2010

Interesting State Fair Contests Week - Ladies’ Nail Driving Contest

On Saturday August 21 at 10:30 AM, prepare yourself for the excitement of the Ladies’ Nail Driving Contest.  I cannot tell you how much I admire  these ladies as I am incapaple of driving a nail in straight.  Even when I sacrifice a thumb.  Here are the rules as posted by the Iowa State Fair:

Each lady is given six nails; one is extra and five need to be nailed flush within one square marked on the board. Each lady must put hammer down as soon as she is finished and put her hand up. Ages: 18 and over.  More power to you Ladies!  And aim.

A list of the Iowa State Fair contests. Ladies' Nail Driving Contest falls under the Heritage Contests. Heritage Contests are held at Farm Bureau Pioneer Hall

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