Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flattened by the Dome

I just finished Under the Dome, the new book by Stephen King.  And by 'finished' I mean I read the first couple chapters, saw the way things were going and skipped to the last third of the book.  I am sooooooo lazy.  I didn't want to read the part where things got worse and worse I wanted to read the part in which the plucky band of good folks figure out how to fix things.  So I did!  I do think Mr. King is an excellent writer, or I wouldn't have picked up the doorstop that is his latest.  I found it very enjoyable in the self-abridged form.  If you too are daunted by the size of the Dome, you are most welcome to use my method.  Then you can talk about it with those who read the whole thing.  And say something like... "I don't quite remember, what was the story with the young woman who had the baby?"  If you find out tell me. 

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