Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bookplates - neither for reading nor eating

Ex Libris?  Growing up, when I saw that phrase in a book I thought it was some arcane way of saying "I see you reading my book! Watch it!"  Somehow 'From the Library of" never occurred to me.   Bookplates have been around since the 15th century. You don't see them much anymore but at one time they were quite the thing. Celebrities had them custom designed!  Isadora Duncan had her very own bookplate - ID printed over 3 yellow flowers.  This charming picture is reprinted in one of our Reference Books Nothing or the Bookplate, an intriguing title.  There is some academic interest in these little works of art.  Canada’s McGill University, the Philippe Masson Ex Libris collection owns 4,500 items.  I wonder how many have swords on them.
Source:  Why bookplates speak volumes. Irish Times; 01/11/2010 as accessed through EBSCOhost
Nothing or The bookplate; with a handlist by E. Carrick. This book cannot be checked out, but you can stop in at the Central Library and take a look!

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