Monday, August 23, 2010

Album Art

It's just not the same with CD's,  those tiny little pictures smooshed into jewel cases.  Album art really was striking; a treat for the eyes if memory serves.  (And it should considering what I pay it. Hah!)
Here are my top ten favorite album covers that I can think of right now.  I reserve the right to change my mind whenever I remember another cover.  The numbers don't indicate which ones I like best.  I just think the list is easier to read when enumerated.  E-noo-mur-ate-ed.  It's worth saying twice.

1.  Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus.  The happiest, juiciest tomato you ever saw.  In a hammock.
1.  Supertramp,  Breakfast in America.  The happiest waitress you've ever seen.  On an airplane wing.
3.  The Moody Blues, Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.  I don't know what's going on with the boy and the old man and the crystal, but it's gorgeous.
4.  Kansas,  Masque.  Nothing like a guy made out of sea creatures.
5.  Styx,  The Grand Illusion. A forest, a face, a horse.  They're not kidding. 
6.  The Tubes, Completion Backwards Principle.  White T-pipe, blue background, sublime oddness.
7.  Genesis,  Duke.  Watercolor of a green man, blue sky. Nothing to do with the music.
8.  Janet Jackson,  Control.  Primo 80's art - HUGE hair, photo with squiggles, dramatic colors and space.
9.  Steely Dan, Aja.  I never notice the face, just the red and white ribbon(?), very striking.
10. Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark.  There's a hug and some vivid watercolor mountains.  Calming.
If you'd like to look at books with pictures of album covers, here you go:
The greatest album covers of all time

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