Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iowa State Fair Contests - Decorated Diaper. Plus Library Closed

Now for your edification, a few facts about the Iowa State Fair Decorated Diaper Contest:  "1. Three categories will be judged: Most Creative Decorated Diaper, Iowa State Fair Diaper and Group Theme Diaper.    3. All babies must be in decorated diaper attire, disposable or cloth. Contestants may design a costume to coordinate with the diaper but the diaper must be visible for judging."  This last seems kind of obvious but I guess it doesn't hurt to spell it out. Then the Diaper Derby is a race!  The baby will crawl towards someone they presumably like, who will cheer them on.  Come on baby!  Who's a big girl!  Or maybe you just put your arms out and look welcoming.  Maybe there are strategies!  It's all a mystery to me.
Decorated Diaper Contest and Diaper Derby

Library Closure Details:

All six locations of the Des Moines Public Library are closed Thursday-Sunday, August 19-22 for a computer upgrade. Employees will take two of these days as (unpaid) furlough in conjunction with the city's budget reductions for FY 2010-2011. Nothing will be due these dates and fines will not be charged for the closed days. The Des Moines Public Library Website will be up, but the online catalog, online holds, online payment of fines and fees, Libby - the automated telephone circulation system - and our online resources will not be available. Bookdrops will remain open. We look forward to seeing you Monday August 23rd!

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