Friday, August 21, 2009

You Too Can be a Modern Artist

Are you familiar with David Hockney? A modern artist of many styles, he actually taught at the University of Iowa for a while. Love the Iowa connections! Hockney is perhaps most identified with his use of photographs. He'd layer them so as to produce a fractured portrait. Or use them as color elements to create a single massive photograph. Like fractals! (OK, kind of.) A zillion photos of a bridge would be assembled into one huge image of said bridge. Anyhow, we found you a generator that will allow you to turn ordinary photographs into fascinating art. I recommend a colorful image with good contrast. And choose the 'polaroid' option, it's much more striking. Hockneyize away!
The Hockneyizer!

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Anonymous said...

Are those sun conures in that picture?