Thursday, August 6, 2009

EbscoHost - Sciency Science

Academic Search Elite. The database of choice if you're doing research for college, or just on a subject that isn't covered heavily in general public publications - say the latest developments in string theory. Scientific studies are at the tips of your fingers! And thumbs! Such as:

The Proteasome Is a Molecular Target of Environmental Toxic Organotins
Environmental Health Perspectives; Mar2009, Vol. 117 Issue 3, p379-386, 8p, 1 diagram, 6 graphs

Six graphs. Are these people thorough or what? Didn't think you'd find that outside a university library, did you? Well, I didn't anyway. But that's the beauty of EbscoHost! It has information you can't even pronounce!

Source: Academic Search Elite via EbscoHost

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