Thursday, August 27, 2009

Switcheroo - Central

You'll never guess what got switched at Central. The Teen and magazine areas! I know, Teens being switched at two separate libraries in the space of a few days. Coincidence? Or massive conspiracy? I'm going for the 'sprucing up for the school year' theory. The new magazine area offers a reading nook close to the internet array for customers who are waiting to use the computers. Also with this new layout the Iowa magazines, which were previously shelved in the Iowa Collection, will now be shelved with the other magazines thus allowing for easier browsing. (Plus less loneliness. You should have heard Wallaces Farmer whining.) The new Teen area gives teens their own seating space separate from the adults along with more shelf space for the teen collection. And it's right at the top of the stairs! You can't miss the Teen books now. Which is kind of the point. Still making it better for you.

Kristelle Larsen, Information Services, Central Library, provided the information for this post.

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't we think of that before? What a great idea!

A friend from Houston Public Library