Thursday, August 13, 2009

Iowa and Authors

We maintain a list of Iowa Authors. Aren't you pleased? And here is how we define an Iowa author: " born in Iowa or ... lived here at least twenty years". So not just anybody qualifies. (Even if an author was born in Iowa we reserve the right to decide whether or not to list them). There's an Iowa Author whose name you probably would not guess. He worked at the University of Iowa in various levels of professorship from 1970 - 1986. So he was in Iowa when he wrote his first novel which became a HUGE hit and inspired several movies. The author is David Morrell, - tada! - and yes, Rambo was conceived in Iowa!!! First Blood was published in 1972 and Morrell has written many fine novels since. Here's your chance to read books by a very famous Iowa Author. David Morrell's books

Source: Biography Resource Center

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