Monday, August 17, 2009

Week full o' Facts that are Fun

Hey! Did you know we have a little collection of knowledge we like to call Fun Facts? Yesseribob, right on our very own Des Moines Public Library web site. This just seems like a good week to highlight it. To get to the Fun Facts follow these steps:
Go to our home page at (Notice the new address? Short, right? Making it better for you.)

From the home page click on BLOGS/WIKIS.

Then to the left click on Fun Facts.

Boom! You're there. A good way to browse is to click on the black 'down' arrow next to All Categories and pick one. Try Beauty Contests and learn something about babies and the Iowa State Fair.

Fun Facts is in its infancy so some subject headings don't have facts yet. But they will. Stay tuned this week as we explore!
Graphic source: Karen's Whimsy

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Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting "fun fact" about the opening of the first section of I-235.