Monday, August 10, 2009

The Story of Edgar Sawtellle, a tragedy...for me

Ever read a book so good that when it ended badly you just wanted to throw it across the room? (You know I didn't do that. It was a library book, for Pete's sake) So The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. The characters are interesting and engaging and you like them very much. You want to meet them and have lunch in their house. You want to watch Edgar, who does not speak, put their dogs through elaborate training by use of sign language. These people endure catastrophe and pain and fear and pull themselves through and in the end.... Any fans of Sigourney Weaver's Alien movies out there? Remember the 3rd one, on the desert prison planet? 'Nuff said. Wouldn't have mattered so much if the book hadn't been amazing up until then. Sigh. I usually hate spoilers but could have used one this time. Does everyone else think the book is perfect the way it is?
The story of Edgar Sawtelle

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Anonymous said...

It's packed and in the car ready to bring to Des Moines and read when I come up next week. Everyone has been telling me it is a great book.