Thursday, July 8, 2010

You'll Ruin Your Eyes! Stereoscopes

You youngsters today with your TV, your computer games, your Wii.  Why in my day we looked through a piece of glass at 2 pictures.  That was enough fun for us!  Actually it was more like my Grandmother's day.  And guess what!  This was 3D!  That's why there are 2 elephants. For early stereoscopes, one photo was shifted slightly to the side to create the illusion of depth when looking at both through a specialized lens.  I'd compare it to a View-Master but you've never heard of that either.  They were really cool too.

Source: Manitoba History; Feb2007, Issue 54, p30-38, 9p as accessed through Ebscohost
Graphic source: Old Time Clip Art

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