Thursday, July 15, 2010

Early Radio in Des Moines - Rise and Shine!

Actually, the first radio program broadcast in Des Moines took place at night. In 1922. And, foreshadowing many a show to come that would be radioed from the rooftops; it took place on top of the Des Moines Register and Tribune building. Included on the air that night: Governor Nathan Edward Kendal, waxing eloquent about the astounding new world of ‘radio-telephony’. The newspaper article reporting this included a box labeled OUR RADIO JAZZ.  This proudly announced that an orchestra would play - one including drums, banjo, trombone and several other instruments! The whole thing was sent out on temporary equipment borrowed from one Harold Kauffman. What a guy! For a huge hour and one half, from 7:30 to 9 PM on March 10 1922, music and speeches filled the airwaves. Soon there was no escaping radio-telephony. If that means what I think it means.


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