Friday, July 23, 2010

Top Five Heavyweights

Brains, that is. According to the Top Ten of Everything, here are the 5 land animals with the biggest brains.  And by biggest, they mean the brains that weigh the most.
Elephant              13 lb, 4 oz
Adult Human        3 lb
Camel                  1 lb, 11 oz
Giraffe                 1 lb, 8 oz
Hippopotamus      1 lb, 4 oz

This is the 2007 edition of the book, but I'm taking a chance that no land animal's gray matter has ballooned in the last few years.  Apparently more weight does not equal more intelligence as later in the list cows are right above chimpanzees.  Unless.... the cows are just biding their time, waiting for those opposable thumbs to arrive. Then we are in trouble.
The top 10 of everything 2007

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