Monday, July 19, 2010

Come In ... to the Un-Perfect House

Ah, Ann Landers.  She published all sorts of homey poetry and essays written by regular Joans.  Poetry and essays remembered with fondness by many readers.  Remembered without a title and without an author because writers to Ann Landers did not reveal their names. It can be tricky to find Jubilant in Jersey's deathless prose.  Here's one we kept track of: 'Contented in Saginaw' contributed a poem called "Come In", celebrating the house unbeatiful. It's messy because of the good old discombobulation caused by having children.  The "smudgy fingerprinted door", the "crumpled rug", dishes unwashed, floors unshined, you get the picture.  I am all about that sketchy housekeeping.  Yay, Contented in Saginaw!  If you'd like to read the complete poem, it appeared in the Des Moines Register, April 24, 1986 on page 4T.  Prepare to have your heart warmed.  And your philosophy of housekeeping validated.

Source:  Des Moines Register, April 24, 1986 on page 4T
(available at the Central Library on microfilm)

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