Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chocolate Authority

Back in 1959 the confectionery world was a little different. Good Housekeeping was there to assist sweet-tooth owners in navigating the booby trap that is an assortment of chocolates. Imagine biting into a chocolate-covered chunk of pineapple.  Not necessarily disgusting, but I would like some warning.  Fortunately, according to GH that chocolate was shaped just like your garden variety triangle of pineapple.   Chocolate covered-cashews, Brazil nuts - these retained their distinctive shapes.  What about the chocolates filled with amorphous stuff like vanilla cream or some kind of jelly?  This choice can be fraught with peril.  But it turns out if there is a symbol on top of the chocolate, v is vanilla, b is butter cream, m is maple. Anything that saves me from biting into chocolate-covered pineapple is good.

Source:  Good Housekeeping  December 1959 p. 162-163

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