Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Good Biographies with Illnesses

No, the biographies aren't sick.  It occurred to me, as thoughts sometime do, that I'd read several biographies written by women who struggle with illness and manage to be quite funny about it.  How do they do it!  Here's a few enjoyable books from unlikely sources.

Cancer Schmancer  OK, it's Fran Drescher.  But you're reading, you don't have to listen to her voice.  It took this woman two years just to get her cancer diagnosed.  Then there's treatment, then the trials in her personal life. Yet on the cover she's still smiling like nothing bad ever happened to her. That's how the book reads.

Model patient : my life as an incurable wise-ass / Karen Duffy.  Remember Karen Duffy?  Nobody does.  She was an MTV-VJ very beautiful, very funny.  She has a rare form of sarcoidosis that caused a big lesion in her brain.  Duffy went through paralysis and terrible pain and now hosts House of Tiny Terrors on TLC.  Now that's resilience!

It's always something / Gilda Radner.  The book is about her life as a woman, not as a performer. After her long battle with ovarian cancer, we all know how this one ends.  Sigh.  Her voice comes through beautifully; reading the book is like having a chat with Gilda.  Sad but warming.

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