Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eager Harbinger of Spring

You know spring is a'comin' when the AViD author series moseys on into town.  First up, Peter Hedges.  He is a Des Moines native, novel writer, screenplay scribe, movie director. "Why, I thought he just wrote novels," I hear you say.  Not only did Peter Hedges direct Dan in Real Life, he wrote and directed Pieces of April, and co-wrote the script for About a Boy. I have seen all of these movies and can personally attest that I really really liked them. By the way, the boy portraying the boy of About a Boy is all grown up and you might not recognize him, but he's a soldier in Clash of the Titans.  The young one, natch.  You can tell by the eyebrows.  Oh, and Peter Hedges will be speaking tonight at Hoyt Sherman Place Theater, 1501 Woodland Avenue, tonight at 7 PM!  Go see him, he's an interesting guy.

Peter Hedges' works

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