Friday, April 23, 2010

Argyle - It's Back!

And it's everywhere! Just to ensure you are not left out, here is a link to a Tartan Maker.  Not only can you design your very own argyle, you can make up a clan tartan!  If you make it neon there's a chance your combination has not already been used by an actual clan. 
OK, I had to dink around a little to figure it out. Here are some tips:
To change a color click on the box to the right of the band. 
Then click on the extreme upper left of the larger box so you can reset to white.
Now go to the rainbow stripe on the right of the box and click on the color you want.  Do this for every color you want to change
Click on Make It and admire your beautiful creation.  Just like the one to the left that I made.  I know you want one.  Who wouldn't!

Books on Clans and Tartans   In case you want to check out the real thing.

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