Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Medicine - Don't Take Just Anyone's Word for It

You know how many sites on the web give advice on medicine/supplements?  Approximately 4,098,772 gazillion.  How many are reliable and/or professional?  Probably less than 1 gazillion.  To play it safe, you can get drug facts from the National Library of Medicine.  You find access to "Drugs, Supplements, and Herbal Information" through their Medline Plus website.  They offer different ways to find a drug, so if you don't know what fluoxetine is you can just click on the letter P for Prozac. It refers you to fluoxetine, but you don't have to do a separate search, just click on the fluoxetine link!  I love these guys!  You get all kinds of facts, including answers to the ever-popular "What side effects can this medication cause?" question. When you have a question about the little pill you are washing down with whatever beverage (and with some drugs the beverage matters) here's a good place to start.
Medline Plus

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