Monday, April 5, 2010

Fee Changes Start Today - Just the Facts

Due to three years of budget cuts, as of today: 
1.   Audio books rent for $1 each.  Teen and Children's audio books still check out for free.  The check-out period remains 3 weeks, with 2 potential renewals. If someone has a hold on the audio book, it cannot be renewed.   Every time you renew an audiobook it will cost another dollar.  The overdue fine for all audiobooks remains $.25 per day.

2.  Children's videos and DVDs now cost $1.00 for a one week check-out.  Again there are 2 potential renewals, each of which will cost $1. If someone has a hold on a video or DVD, it cannot be renewed. The overdue fine for all DVD's and videos remains $.50 per day.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Still better than Red Box and way better selection