Thursday, February 25, 2010

Year of Which Tiger

We all know it's the year of the Tiger.  Tigers are cool, so this time we paid attention when informed of the change in the Chinese year. Those born in the Tiger years are in command, they're fighters and bubbling over with energy.  The particular tiger year in which you were born further defines you. If you were born in 1974 you are a "popular, adaptable, team player" like Penelope Cruz.  If you were born in 1986, as bonus traits you get to be dramatic, passionate, persuasive.  Get this.  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson were born in '86.  Yes, the women who could be blown away by a kid popping his bubblegum bubble are dramatic, passionate, persuasive.  Am I crazy, or are these a better fit for Penelope Cruz?  Maybe it explains the Olson twins' dynamic business empire.
Year of the TIGER. Flare, 07084927, Feb2010, Vol. 32, Issue 2  as accessed through EbscoHost.
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Graphic Source: Dover Publishing

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