Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pandemonium's Great!

I just read  Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory and was bowled over!  It's so rare to find a book that is original - actually capable of surprising me.  Here's the premise: there are demons loose in the world and they possess people.  But these aren't your Buffy demons; they are possessors with a purpose.  Each one embodies a modern archetype.  The Captain is the superhero, The Truth is the avenger and Shug'arath is the creature from the Lovecraftian lagoon. They wreak havoc in their wake and on the bodies of the people they possess.  You'd think a high-concept novel like this would be peopled with cardboard cut-outs, but actually the characters rule.   Can't wait to read THE DEVIL'S ALPHABET!

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