Friday, February 5, 2010

Heloise and Football

The back cover of In the Kitchen with Heloise has a 1963 photo of the original Heloise.  She has six arms each holding a tool like a mop or duster.  But that's not the disturbing part.  She's wearing a ball gown and 5 strands of pearls!  By 1963 even June Cleaver might have been re-thinking the pearls. I've always thought of Heloise as a toothbrush-for-cleaning-grout kinda gal, but in this book she ranges far and wide.  For example: caviar should be kept refrigerated until 15 minutes before serving. And don't take the lid off until the last minute.  Just a little tip for your Super Bowl party.

Source:In the Kitchen with Heloise p. 84

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