Thursday, February 18, 2010

African American Biographies - Sparkling, Crisp, Gleaming

In other words, the latest! We are up to our ears in wonderful new biographies of African Americans.  We have your famous:  Doc : the rise and rise of Julius Erving,    Obama : the historic journey,     Baldwin's Harlem : a biography of James Baldwin.

Your not-so-much in the fame department: The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks,    Scared silent : the Mildred Muhammad story    A mighty long way : my journey to justice at Little Rock Central High School  .  

And what we librarians like to call your 'collective biographies':  African American firsts : famous, little-known and unsung triumphs of Blacks in America,      The shadows of youth : the remarkable journey of the civil rights generation,      Black genius : inspirational portraits of America's black leaders.  They're 'collective' because the books cover several people.  Nothing to do with communes.  Help yourself to fresh-made history. 

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