Tuesday, May 19, 2009

urban legends/folklore jan brundvand

Love the urban legends. When I was a pup all we had was the guy with the hook for a hand. A classic, true, but limited. Here's a quote from Jan Brundvand, King of the UL's, about a 'fresh' tale.

" It is the story about a woman sitting in her car in the supermarket on a hot day. She hears a loud bang from behind her; something hits her in the back of the head. She puts her hand up to the back of her head, and feels something gooey. She thinks she has been shot and her brains are coming out. When someone stops to help her, the person discovers that a canister of ... biscuit dough has exploded in her grocery bag, located in the back seat of her car."

Biscuit dough. Delicious treat or vicious weapon? Be afraid.

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