Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Library Facts One

OCLC, the people who bring you the world's card catalog, have been compiling some fun stuff about library holdings. This particular information is from 2005, but I remember 2005. I'll bet most of you do. These were the 5 most-owned books by libraries around the world - libraries that use OCLC, that is.

#1 Bible [various]
#2 Census [various]
#3 Mother Goose
#4 Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
#5 Odyssey by Homer
Now I don't know if they are counting every publication the Census puts out, but I'm still a little surprised to see that listed. Here is a sampling of books that Des Moinesians have enjoyed:

What can I say? We care about grammar. In a big way. (Sentence fragment alert!) (Oops! That was another one ...)

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