Thursday, May 7, 2009

Postage - 44 cent bargain

Postage stamps for first-class mail are going to be more expensive starting on Monday. Two cents more expensive. Nobody likes paying more, and I will add the ubiquitous 'especially now'. (Just because it's ubiquitious doesn't mean it's not true.) But I am a huge admirer of the USPS and let me tell you why. Like you could stop me.
A. You only pay postage. I have a friend who's lived in countries in which she has literally had to ransom her mail in order to pry it out of the post office's hands. Sometimes the bribe was more than the value of the package contents.
B. They deliver mail with addresses on them that even Nicholas Cage could not decipher. I've seen mail reach the recipient when the name, address and zip were all wrong even after you figured out what the scrawls said.
C. According to encarta, they deliver more than 160 billion pieces of mail per year.
We all know the USPS isn't perfect. They've certainly had financial problems over the years and now delivery may be cut from 6 days to 5. But as a person who still likes to send messages written on paper, I'm a fan. And I'll pay the 2 cents.

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