Friday, May 8, 2009

A Very Old Poem for Mother's Day even older now

Here is a nugget from the 1952 classic Good Things for Mother's Day.

Well, you should see my mom, yes sir!
No dark old woolen shawl for her!
She wears gay hats upon her head,
And, boy! Her curly hair is red!

Now you may wonder why we keep a book from 1952, but where else are you going to find this stuff? Hallmark? I don't think so. And while we have a tendency to view Mother's Day as a plot concocted by the greeting card cartel, it actually originated in 1907 when Anna Jarvis asked that a church service for all mothers be held on the anniversary of her own mother's death. Very sweet and very humble. Besides, even if it's been commercialized the day is a great excuse to tell someone who nurtured you that you really appreciate them. Even if they're not your mother. Or red-headed.

Source: Chase's Calendar of Annual Events
This was originally posted in May of 2008

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