Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Umbrellas, a not-so-modern marvel

Umbrellas. Bumbershoots. Brollys. Call them what you like, I love them. Umbrellas in the car, in my work locker, in my backpack, hanging by the door at home. I once astonished my husband by pulling an umbrella out of my purse when the sky suddenly opened up with the big rain. So I am indebted to Mr. Jonas Hanaway, who is credited with inventing the umbrella. In 1740 the citizens of Windsor CT mocked Mr. Hanaway's ingenuity by trailing an umbrella-user while carrying sieves stuck on broom handles. Mocking! The nerve! I'd propose a National Jonas Hathaway Day on which we would celebrate by wearing sieves as hats but what with the plethora of esoteric celebrations in America today, I suspect he's already taken care of.

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Anonymous said...

She is not making this up. We stepped out into a deluge after a program at Drake, she reached into her (admittedly large) purse, and took out an umbrella! I was amazed and most grateful.

---the husband