Monday, April 6, 2009

Edsel Unloved

Once again the Edsel takes a hit. The iconic bad car stars in Time magazine's "50 Worst Cars of All Time" list, lumped in with such jewels as the 1899 'Horsey Horseless', 1958 'Zunndapp Janus' and the just as improbably named 1966 'Peel Trident'. Who'd trust their life to a Horsey Horseless? It's too bad Ford put Edsel's name on the black sheep of their line - posthumously at that. According to the Dictionary of American Biography: "Edsel Ford had a particular flair for automobile styling, and was an early advocate of improvements in the Model T.... Edsel introduced improved brakes, balloon tires, all-steel bodies, enclosed cars, and a choice of colors instead of the standard black." Where would the modern car be without him? Yet he remains Edsel. Sigh.
Henry and Edsel : the creation of the Ford Empire / Richard Bak.


Anonymous said...

Interesting info about all the innovations by Edsel Ford. I like the Edsel, then again I also like the Pontiac Aztec.

Jim said...

I wouldn't say that the Edsel is unloved. I love my Edsel and there are 3 national clubs centered around the Edsel, with numerous state and regional clubs to boot.

Now, Pontiac Aztek...that is another story...

See 1958's only all new car at Smith Motors.