Thursday, April 9, 2009

Named by Disney

Apropos of nothing, do you remember Peter and the Wolf, Sergey Prokofiev's kid-friendly orchestral suite? Did you know it was written in 1936? I had no idea it was so modern. But I digress. Specific instruments become select characters - a flute is the bird, a clarinet the cat and an oboe is the duck. Pretty elegant way to identify them. But you know how Disney likes to embellish the source material, what with giving Bambi's girlfriend a name and adding Jiminy Cricket to Pinocchio. So Peter and the Wolf fans get some Disney-ized characters too. The bird is Sasha, the duck is Sonja and the cat is Ivan. Cause this has been driving some of you crazy. You know who you are.
The Disney films / Leonard Maltin.

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