Friday, April 17, 2009

Soap Opera Redux

Had some people post their soap opera names last week, and I thought they deserved a narrative. (I threw in some of my friend's names. Not tellin' who.) The names: Chloe Harriman, Kyte Harriman, Perdy Astor, Dot Buchanan, Lucinda Worthington and Fletcher Berkeley. The story thus far: Kyte and Chloe are the spoiled-rotten stepchildren of patrician Lucinda Worthington. Fletcher Berkeley, a con man who conned sweet Dot Buchanan into marrying him, is making a move on Chloe hoping to get his hands on that money. But Chloe is a little schemer herself and strings him along, parading his uncouth charms in front of Lucinda just for kicks. Meanwhile Kyte uses the distraction to make his play for the dough. Dot stumbles on Fletcher's infidelity and goes looking for a divorce lawyer, but a lawyer finds her - preppy Perdy Astor, Kyte Harriman's best friend. Kyte finds himself drawn to Dot's fresh innocence... and it all comes together at Improbable Town's annual Fund Raiser for Disinherited Playboys. Right before the freeze ray hits. Want to write stuff better than this? OK, a 1-year-old pounding the keyboard with a spoon could write a story better than this. But if writing for television appeals here are some literary aids:

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Go, Chloe!