Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Constable Logan and the Permits

You never know what's going to escalate, even in the 19th century. Here's the first instance we know of an officer of the law in Des Moines being killed in the line of duty. Constable S.E. Logan was shot and killed on Monday March 7th, 1887 at the Corner of 4th and Walnut in Des Moines. He had requested delivery permits from the drivers of a wagon of goods at Hurlbut, Hess & Co. The permits were not brought forth and Constable Logan drew his gun and fired. One of the drivers, Mr. Joseph Rowe, returned fire and killed Constable Logan. Mr. Rowe was soon apprehended. He offered no resistance and confessed to the shooting. I wonder what they were delivering.

Source: Des Moines Register 3/8/1887 p. 3, 6
(The illustration is not a photo of Constable Logan)
Graphic Source: Flikr Commons


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