Friday, November 28, 2008

Sand Candles. When only an irregularly shaped lump of a gift will do.

This must be easy because I actually made one. OK it was in high school under adult supervision, but still. The basics: put sand into a box that you may want to line with plastic to prevent dripping. Because the sand has to be wet. Did I mention that? Then take your hand and make a hollow in the sand, whatever shape you want but leave enough sand at the base of the hollow to hold the shape. Melt wax – once again I refer you elsewhere for this. Pour the wax into the hole in the sand and let it cool. One method for inserting a wick is to wrap it around a dowel long enough to span your box, suspending some of the wick in the hot wax. But be careful! A hazmat suit may be in order. When you take the candle out of the sand, brush off any loose sand. Some sand will be melted into the candle, but that’s the decorative part! Another once-popular craft brought to you by yours truly. And more authoritatively by our actual craft books:

Candlemaking for the first time / Vanessa-Ann

Candle making / Cheryl Owen.

Graphic: Making Sand Candles

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