Monday, December 1, 2008

Books to Distract You - Not buying it

If your head is buried in the holidays and you can barely breathe, this week we'll suggest books that could give you a break. And OK, this first one is about shopping, but it will not be urging you on. Levine's year without shopping doesn't mean she grew her own food and made her own medicines. She just wanted to try to buy nothing but necessities for a year. Whether she was successful or not I'll leave up to you - she had some difficulty defining neccessity. The hardest part may have been that she had to think before spending money on all those things we just take for granted: going to movies, eating at restaurants, picking up some clothes on sale. Made for a new way of looking at her world. She's a braver gal than I am.

Not buying it : my year without shopping / Judith Levine

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Anonymous said...

I read this and it did change my shopping habits for at least a couple of weeks; I should probably read it again.