Monday, December 8, 2008

Big Generators Week - Vinyl

I love the generators! They're those free things on the internet that let you do stuff you could probably do with some fancy imaging software if you happen to have it. But I don't! I do like to play with words and images though and that's what these generators let me do. Free! Bless you, software fun guys. By the way, none of these are endorsed by the Des Moines Public Library. They just entertain me. I've already highlighted a few generators in the blog - you now can make your own catalog cards, word clouds, transform a photo into some kind of garish nightmare with the Warholizer - I know, you're thinking what more could possibly be out there? Your life is so full now. But who wouldn't want to make their own 45-record images? Just mosey on over to's Vinyl Record Generator and produce your own images of songs that never were, but should have been. Now that you're thinking vinyl, you'll want to know that the new movie Cadillac Records is based on the Chess Records company and we just happen to have books about that establishment.

Machers and rockers : Chess Records and the business of rock & roll

The story of Chess Records

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